Test Pages For Automating

This is a set of pages for automating or testing. Some of the examples are suitable for manual exploratory testing or JavaScript hacking.


This set of pages are styled and have explanation/help on the page. They can support exploratory testing, learning HTML, learning Technical Web Testing, and JavaScript hacking.

These pages are simple example and exercise pages.


These pages offer automation challenges.

Micro Apps

These pages are also suitable for exploratory testing and longer exercises.

Original Contents

This is the original set of pages created for the book Selenium Simplified and have been used in WebDriver Training by Alan Richardson. These pages lack formatting and are backwards compatible with the book and early course source code.


In the Orginal Examples the following credits apply.

We believe the rest was written by Alan Richardson, some of it aided by various Google searches. If you think your work has been used without credit then please remind us.

We believe no licenses have been violated by our pages, if we are wrong, please let us know.


This is a set of pages which have been written for the purpose of training people in Selenium/WebDriver, or working through books written by Alan Richardson

Portions of these pages have been based on other open source or public domain work. This will be noted either in the file or on this page.


You may use these pages for study and practice.

You can download the pages from github